Still Tribute Fund – Early Detection & Diagnosis Funding Call

Why did we dedicate the results of the Tribute Fund to the memory of Sir George Frederic Still?

In 1896, English physician Sir George Frederic Still described the systemic form of chronic childhood arthritis, which was later named after him. Still’s disease is the most common cause of hyperinflammation in childhood. Extreme systemic inflammatory processes (affecting the entire body) that lead to tissue and organ damage are called hyperinflammation. In addition to Still’s disease, this dangerous immunological dysregulation can be observed in other autoimmune disorders, congenital periodic fever syndromes, and autoinflammatory diseases.

What do we spend the resources of the Still Tribute Fund on?

We use it entirely for the diagnostic costs of autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases. 

Why is the operation of the Still Tribute Fund necessary?

The resources of the Memorial Fund are used exclusively for tests that, due to their novelty, are not yet supported by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary.

At the Children’s Clinic in Tűzoltó Street, we treat many children suffering from severe, chronic diseases. Therefore, we have a unique opportunity to transform the lives of these children. We can do this by funding diagnostic studies where we know we can make the most significant difference. 

At an unprecedented speed, science delivers new diagnostic tools that we know are useful but have not yet been incorporated into international recommendations, so their funding has not been resolved.

We are working with the doctors of the rheumatology department of the Tűzoltó Street Children’s Clinic to apply the pioneering results achieved in the laboratory and research at the patient’s bedside.

We fund vital life-saving equipment that allows the clinical and research teams to take advantage of medical science and technology developments to deliver better care to children.

Please support the goals of the Still Tribute Fund!

Without your support, we would no longer be able to provide the high-tech diagnostic procedures that enable the children recovering at the Tűzoltó Street Children’s Clinic to always receive the best, safest, and most effective treatment possible!